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Course Description & Objectives

The Al-Husna Course (Level 1) is a multi-disciplinary and non-examinable certificate course dedicated to the sound and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Islamic sciences. It is an interactive course designed not only to increase the students’ knowledge, but to improve their relationship with Allah and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and their association with the creations of God.

The Al-Husna Course also aims to motivate the students to actualise the knowledge they have learnt in their daily life and practice, and conduct themselves in their best, as ambassadors of Islam and the Prophet ﷺ. The program shall empower the students to contextualise their knowledge and apply it appropriately.

The Al-Husna Course program is designed to provide the essential understanding of the Islamic sciences, sufficient for students to conduct their life as a confident Muslim and believer. With the knowledge they receive in this course, and if students have specific interest within the various areas of Islamic sciences, then they can pursue their interest in any program and institutes as they please and deem fit. It should be noted that this course in itself is not sufficient as a qualification to be a teacher or Ustadh in the Islamic sciences.

Mode of Delivery
The course is conducted in the physical presence of Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari in Singapore, and other tutors like Ustaz Muhammad Salleh and Sidi Abid Essalah for the Arabic and Stories of the Qur’an modules.

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